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5 Credit Repair Tips You Need To Know

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If you have been asking yourself the question “how can I repair my credit history,” then you are in need of a few credit repair tips. There are actually quite a few tips out there that could help you with that goal. To get you started, here are five simple credit repair tips that will help you build a foundation for improving your credit, even if you are trying to repair credit after bankruptcy.
First, understand that improving your credit means making some changes in the way you live. That means taking a long hard look at your monthly expenses. Have you been living beyond your means? Do you rely on credit cards to take up some slack each month? Is your total indebtedness increasing each month and you have nothing to show for it? Then it is time to make changes in the way you spend money. Begin by spending a week paying your expenses out of your checking account and with pocket money – no credit card purchases. When you don’t have the money, you do without. If this means eating at home rather than going out, or watching television rather than going to the movies, then so be it.
Next, once you have made it through that sobering week and realize you have a spending problem, it is time to take a long hard look at your monthly budget. If you don’t currently operate with a budget, then you are in for a real change. A budget essentially involves two components: your income and your expenses. Ideally, your monthly expenses will be less than your monthly income. If not, you are in big trouble. A budget, when planned properly, allows you to take care of your obligations, save a dollar or two, and even allows you a treat now and then. It also keeps you from running up enormous credit card debt, because you will only allow yourself a certain amount of credit card purchases each month, along with a corresponding amount of payments.
Third, cut up those credit cards, except for one you will stick back for emergencies. But don’t cancel those accounts. You want to have active credit cards that show a zero balance on your credit report. This actually will help your overall credit card rating. By cutting up the cards, you are not tempted to use them, and can pay the outstanding balances down more quickly.
Fourth, put money in a savings account every month. It doesn’t matter if you can only put thirty dollars a month in that savings account. At the end of the year, you will have $360.00 plus a small amount of interest. While not impressive, that is more in liquid assets than you had before. Plus once you see the balance growing, you will find it a little easier to put in an a little extra here and there, rather than blow it on something you don’t need and will not want after a few days. Besides, a savings account counts as an asset that will make your credit rating a little better.
Last, don’t get discouraged. You will do better with your goals some months than others. Make a big deal of it when you meet or exceed your goals, and cut yourself some slack when you fall a little short. By focusing on the positive and not giving the negative any more attention than it rightly deserves, you will be able to make great strides in improving your overall financial health, including your credit rating.

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