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Need Credit Fixed Fast? – Fast Credit Repair Tips To Help You Boost Your Fico Scores

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If you are like most people with a low FICO score you need credit fixed fast in order to secure financing for a big ticket item lime a home or a car. This article will give you a few fast credit repair tips to help you do just that.

One Quick Tip Before We Begin

To start out with you must have realistic goals in place or you will be let down. On average you can bump your scores up a bit in 30 to 45 days but true repair will take months, longer if your scores are terrible.

Self Credit Repair Tips Anyone Can Do

Tip #1- Negotiate with your creditors to pay off any outstanding accounts or accounts in collection. Often times if you can pay down a good chunk of the balance the creditors will remove the activity from your report.

Often times you can also negotiate to pay off 50% of the outstanding balance and have the account settled and sometimes even less then that. You just have to negotiate this with them and remember to get it all in writing before you send them any money!

Tip #2- Start budgeting yourself and cut unnecessary expenses like cable TV, dining out and other money wasting activities. Use the money you save from eliminating these expenses to pay down your debt faster. As your outstanding debt shrinks your scores will rise as well.

Tip #3- Get yourself a good self credit repair kit and use it to dispute negative score dropping information that is listed on your report. You can dispute a few of these accounts accounts every month and getting just a few accounts removed can cause your FICO score to jump 50 points or more depending on the type of negative account you get removed.

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One Final Tip About Self Credit Repair

The process of Self Credit Repair is very involved and as much as I would like to, I just cannot explain it in complete detail in an article of this length. However if you are serious about fixing your credit and would like to see the programs I recommend that will help you understand self credit repair and boost your credit scores fast log onto

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